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MAINLINE Life Cycle Assessment Tools (LCATs)

Please find below the LCAT models developed for metallic bridges, plain track and soil cuttings.

Excel - 1 Mb
Soil cuttings model
Excel - 1.4 Mb
Plain track model
Excel - 1.3 Mb
Metallic bridges model

MAINLINE reports

Please find below the public reports of MAINLINE separated by Work Package.

WP1 - Life Extension - Application of new technologies to elderly infrastructure
PDF - 2.9 Mb
Deliverable 1.1: Benchmark of new technologies to extend the life of elderly rail infrastructure
PDF - 7.1 Mb
Deliverable 1.2: Assessment methods for elderly rail infrastructure
PDF - 10.4 Mb
Deliverable 1.3 New technologies to extend the life of elderly infrastructure
PDF - 6.2 Mb
Deliverable 1.4 Guideline for application of new technologies to extend life of elderly rail infrastructure
WP2 - Degradation and structural models to develop realistic life cycle cost and safety models
PDF - 5.5 Mb
Deliverable 2.1: Degradation and performance specification for selected assets
PDF - 5.4 Mb
Deliverable 2.2: Degradation and intervention modelling techniques
PDF - 1.8 Mb
Deliverable D2.3: Time-variant Performance Profiles for Life-Cycle Cost and Life-Cycle Analysis
PDF - 7 Mb
Deliverable 2.4 Field-validated performance profiles
WP3 - Replacement of obsolete infrastructure – New construction methods and logistics
PDF - 4.5 Mb
Deliverable 3.1: Benchmark of production and replacement of railway infrastructure
PDF - 3.8 Mb
Deliverable 3.2: Bridges: Methods for replacement
PDF - 3.9 Mb
Deliverable 3.3: Rail switches and crossings Development of new technologies for replacement
PDF - 5.8 Mb
Deliverable 3.4 Guideline for Replacement of elderly rail infrastructure
WP4 - Monitoring and examination techniques
PDF - 1.9 Mb
Deliverable 4.1: Report on assessment of current monitoring and examination practices in relation to degradation models
PDF - 3 Mb
Deliverable 4.2: Solutions to Gaps in Compatibility between Monitoring and Examination Systems and Degradation Models
PDF - 3.5 Mb
Deliverable 4.3 Report on monitoring and examination case studies
WP5 - Whole life environmental and economic asset management
PDF - 347.3 kb
Deliverable 5.1: Assessment of asset management tools
PDF - 1.7 Mb
Deliverable 5.2: Assessment of environmental performance tools and methods
PDF - 1.7 Mb
Deliverable 5.3: Recommendations for Format of a Life Cycle Assessment Tool (LCAT)
PDF - 3.9 Mb
Deliverable 5.4: Proposed methodology for a Life Cycle Assessment Tool (LCAT)
PDF - 7.4 Mb
Deliverable 5.7 Usable tool and manual
WP6 - Dissemination, training and exploitation
PDF - 550.1 kb
Deliverable 6.2: Set up of a dissemination platform for MAINLINE
PDF - 520.4 kb
Deliverable 6.3 Dissemination and implementation of MAINLINE results
WP7 - Project management
PDF - 2.3 Mb
Deliverable 7.2 : Second Periodic and Final Reports
WP8 - Scientific and technical coordination
PDF - 250.8 kb
Deliverable D8.1: First report on Advisory Committee recommendations.
PDF - 331.9 kb
Deliverable 8.2: First analysis and identification of potential guidelines from MAINLINE R&D
PDF - 784 kb
Deliverable 8.3: Second report on advisory committee recommendations
PDF - 315.1 kb
Deliverable D8.4: Second analysis and identification of potential guidelines from MAINLINE R&D